Ostium Factorem

Ostrem, the sword of passage [-3]

Current Wielder: Scott Walker

Description: You possess one the nine Deus arma, weapons imbued with the power of the Roman gods before their influence started to wane. Your sword is “Ostium Factorem,” or “Ostrem” for short. Its power derives from the power of Janus and being a bearer marks you as a Walker.

Musts: You must have a destiny or calling to inherit the Sword, represented as a high concept or template.

Skills Affected: Weapons, Lore, Survival.


  • Janus, God of Beginnings and Passages: The sword bestows upon its wielder the power of Worldwalker [YS, 169].
  • Janus, God of Change and Time: The sword bestows upon its wielder the power of Inhuman Speed [YS, 178]
  • Morning Belongs to Janus: Once per session (but no more than once per day), the wielder may spend a Fate point to invoke the power of dawn. This will bathe everything and everyone within the same zone as the character in the warm light of the rising sun. This is an attack with a strength equal to the weilder’s Conviction that does no damage to most targets but satisfies the Catch for a number of supernatural creatures. Any active spell effects in the zone must resist a Counterspell of the same strength.

This one’s a Sword. The Deus arma are composed of different types of weapons; Janus’ weapon is a Roman spatha (a sword). As a sword, it possesses the damage (Weapon:2) and other attributes of any sword [YS, 202].

Unbreakable. As an Item of Power, Ostrem cannot be broken save through dedicated magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose. Such an event must involve the direct action(s) of a godly agent or weapon.

Discount Already Applied. As an Item of Power, the sword already includes the one-time discount (YS, 167). This means that if the character possesses more than one Item of Power, the one-time discount will not apply on that second item. If Ostrem, the Sword of Passage is the second or subsequent artifact the character gains, the refresh cost is –5.

Ostium Factorem

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