Greg Wherther

Caffeine Wizard



Portrayed by Seth Rogen


Hi, my name is Greg Wherther, the great grandson of Hans Wherther………You should recognize my family name from Wherther’s Candy. 《Keeping with Brent’s tradition 》
I didn’t need to work my way through college that left plenty of free time on top of my studies to explore the world around me and then I found a better fulfillment in life helping at the shelter and food kitchen rather than my elected study in finances. I finished school to the delight of my family.
One day after dinner my mother stared at me differently as if studying me. It felt like a long pause in time when my mother requested me into the other room in the house to speak privately. She spoke of how I reminded me of her father who I had only seen once briefly and then never heard of again nor heard my my speak of my Grandfather no matter how I pestered her. She told me how at first she enjoyed listening to my experiences and adventures until today when she realized I was following the same path as her father. She did not care where I worked or where I volunteered, her concern was that I was about to discover something not to be spoken of and to not follow that path. It was a awkward conversation and then she just left the room without another word and never spoke of it again. The conversation made ponder endlessly about what she was talking about and what happened to my Grandfather. It was if there was a burnt spot in your mouth you should leave alone only to constantly check with your tongue and inspect.
I took a job at the local coffee shop called Mike’s Caffeine Addiction. I have a trust fund that I manage which covers my necessities in life like rent, food, electric, and etc, but having a regular job is something I enjoy. Over a year at the coffee shop I went from being the barista to also taking care of the books to being the manager of the shop. The owner rarely comes into the shop now other than to have a cup of coffee and allows me to do as I please with the place as long as the business is in the black. Although I was making advancements at my “job” which was more of a hobby that sore spot in my mouth was nagging for attention so I answered the call to start following and investigating what happened to my Grandfather. Oddly, I found more leads would almost find me during my time volunteering at the local shelter.
During my research and prodding around what I found is when Detective Claxton approached me at the shelter. He gave me firm warnings that I should not look any further for I may find things I would not like nor may accept. He warned me I may tarnish my memories of my Grandfather until I explained how I never knew my Grandfather and the most my mother told me was when she warned me not to become like him with her cryptic message. Detective Claxton offered to teach me about “stuff” so if I find out anything about my Grandfather I may be prepared and he would meet at the close of the coffee shop the next night to begin my studies. A lot went through my mind trying to figure out what exactly the good Detective was going to teach, but I was not prepared for what I was about to learn.

Kept this for future reference:

Locks the door on his way out and walks across the street to make the bank deposit. Nearly gets run over by a car then followed by a house size cat on the move after the car. George scratches his head at the spectacle and wonders if it is a full moon that night.

Greg is from Western CT but went to UNH (not Yale).
Sometime after graduation, at dinner, his mother “dropped the grandfather bomb” and just left that hanging.
This mystery looms over Gregg.
Gregg then started working at Mike’s Coffee Addiction in New Haven, and continued volunteering at a local shelter.
Detective Claxton offered to teach Gregg “stuff” so if he found anything about his grandfather he would be prepared.

Regarding the grandfather and Gregg’s connection to him:
Greg only saw his grandfather once, briefly, then never again.
Greg’s mother said he reminded her of his grandfather, and that she was concerned he would “discover something not to be spoken of” and did not want him to “follow that path.”
Greg actively looked for information on his grandfather, but found less leads that way then just volunteering at the local shelter could produce. There the leads seemed to almost find him.
It is because of this active research and prodding around that he meets Detective Claxton, who knows about Greg’s grandfather but warned him not to look any further, for he may find things he wouldn’t like or accept.
I have some questions:
Regarding magic:
When did Greg become a Wizard of the White Council? Honestly I have not put much thought into the White Council so when has not become a priority. I wasn’t sure I wanted him to be on the WHite Council but it appears he may have no choice or perhaps I should write him that way….hmmmm
Who was Greg’s mentor? Detective Claxton
Where did they live? Who is this They you speak of? >:)
Are they on good terms? Again They?

Regarding his grandfather:

Who was he? What if Greg’s Grandfather was not a Wizard but something else? Perhaps he was mixed into with the Fey?
What was he? Greg only met him once.
What did he do? Again, only met the fella once.
Are Greg’s mother and Det. Claxton the only people who know about him? Are you trying to tell me that Claxton and Greg’s Mom are having an affair?
It seems like leads for that information to be found elsewhere aren’t too hard to find – why hasn’t Greg discovered this information yet? Why is it still a mystery? Maybe he walked in on this affair and it made memory block?
Regarding New Haven:
How long has he been in New Haven for? Almost 7 years now including college.
How long has he worked at the coffee shop for? 5 years and he was working there while in college too. Edit: lets make this his last year of college just for something different to do.
How long has he looked for info on his grandfather? Since he finished college almost 3 years ago.

I may have more questions. I know you might not know all these answers and want to leave them up to us – that’s fine, but if you have details you want to make sure we use let us know in your answers.

Greg Wherther

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