Dresden Files New Haven

A Leg Up
The first adventure of Detective Teddy Jones

Guest starring: Scott Walker and Greg Wherther

New Detective Theodore "Teddy" Jones takes a late night job and runs down more than he bargained for. A perp was dumping body parts in the park. It was a major collar for a new guy. Turns out it was a serial killer. Got a raise and a “special” assignment. It turns out that it won’t be his only late night encounter.

Guest Star #1: Scott Walker crossed out of the Never-Never back into the real world at a bad time – he appeared in front of the Detective, who tried to arrest him for brandishing a sword.

Guest Star #2: Greg Wherther was helping Detective Claxton’s partner, Detective Jones, by making a tracking spell to help Detective Jones unbeknownst to him. Detective Jones does not normally jog around that park where he made the discovery. Greg and Detective Jones only met briefly but it left a memorable impression on both.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
The first adventure of Chico

Guest starring: Greg Wherther and Janette Romae

While helping my mother clean a house, as usual I got nosey. I stumbled across three doors in the 3rd floor of an old Victorian house. For some reason the door on the right was calling me to open it. Behind the door was an office.

There was a desk in the middle of the room. One of the drawers was locked. I used a paperclip to open it. There was a folder with pictures of a prominent businessman. I took one of the pics.

Days pass, mother seems nervous, jumpy, scared. Eventually I found out why. She is being harassed by thugs. It’s my fault… What have I done? I have to fix this!


Guest Star #1: While Chico was rummaging the hidden room, Greg Wherther walked in following leads about his Grandfather. Both kept quiet about discovering each other in the secret room.

Guest Star #2: Chico is afraid for his mother because of the harassment and Janette sets her up in a small group home. Later the thugs break up the group home and Janette takes a beating so Chico and his mom can escape.

The Belles of St. Mary's
The first adventure of Dr. Daniel Blossom, DSM

Guest starring: Detective Teddy Jones and Baxter

Daniel was forced by Orsina into a competition with other muses and their chosen musicians, and after narrowly defeating them, the fae and their mortals want revenge…

Guest Star #1: Called out to the Noodle House to investigate “strange” musicians playing music that causes patrons to fall asleep, Detective Jones determines that the noodles were drugged.

Guest Star #2: The Fey were in town. All the posters said it, well they didn’t “say” it, but it was written all over them. No good ever came from the Fey’s shenanigans so Baxter called the cops on a noise complaint and reported strange behavior. He watched the whole things go down from the alley and after the performance he warned Daniel of repercussions. Daniel never saw Baxter, only heard his voice.

Dog Days of Summer
The first adventure of Scott Walker

Guest starring: "Sam" Shaemus Alestar McClure and Dr. Daniel Blossom, DSM

When a rabid dog on a terrifying rampage turns out ot be a Fetch on a feeding frenzy, Scott uses the sword Ostrem to help track and hunt down this menace. But has he trained enough to handle this, or will he find out he’s bitten off more than he can chew?

Guest Star #1: Being mistaken for a Fetch is no fun. Especially when the man making the mistake has a magic sword and intends to use it. Thankfully tracking a Fetch is much easier for a wolf than a human. Perhaps finding lost pets has been good practice.

Guest Star #2: Daniel had been playing a raucous, jowful impromptu concert at the Fetch’s normal feeding ground, and all the happiness drove the creature across the Never Never and into New Haven. Afterwards, he apologized for inadvertently unleashing the beast.

Lost Girls
The first adventure of Janette Romae

Guest starring: Baxter and Scott Walker

While staying at a shelter, Janette befriended Alycia, a runaway who occasionally fell into prostitution. When Alycia went missing, Janette went looking for her. She had fallen in with a group of girls led by a White Court Vampire.

Guest Star #1:

Guest Star #2: Rumors of a missing girl drew Scott to investigate if the Fae were involved. Though they weren’t, he offered to help anyway. With advice from Baxter he brought Janet through the Never Never in order to sneak into the White Court Vampire lair.

Why did it have to be vampires?
The first adventure of Greg Wherther

Guest starring: Janette Romae and "Sam" Shaemus Alestar McClure

While following info about his grandfather, Greg sees a customer from Mike’s Caffine Addiction getting mugged. Greg follows the thug to find out the thug is not human, but a Red Court Vampire.

Guest Star #1: When Greg is stuck choosing between running and taking a stand Janette provides reassurance. She convinces him that there are no coincidences and that God has a plan for him. It gives him the resolve to take a stand against the darkness.

Guest Star #2: Knowing how to fight alone is good but fighting with someone you trust at your back is better. It may not be the friend you expect but sharp teeth and large caliber rounds make for good partners.

Stray Cat Strut
The first adventure of Sam McClure

Guest starring: Chico and Detective Teddy Jones

What could be simpler for an unemployed shape changing druid than tracking down a missing house cat? Not so simple when magic and faeries get involved.

Guest Star #1: While on the way a cat crosses my path. In the distance I hear “Here, kitty kitty…”

Guest Star #2: Detective Teddy Jones was fairly certain he just saw a man strip naked in the park. Not normally his type of crime, but he can’t let it go unaddressed. He can’t be sure, but the man passed behind a tree and a wolf emerged. Are wolves even native to New Haven?

The first adventure of Baxter
The first adventure of Baxter

Guest starring: Dr. Daniel Blossom, DSM and Chico

Baxter deals with Leprechauns at the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Guest Star #1:

Guest Star #2: I love a parade. Just enough distraction to keep minds occupied. I’ll be home tonight with my pockets stuffed.

Flight of the Thunderbird (Part 1)

Thunderstorms ravage New Haven night after night. There is a homeless man residing up at Judge’s Cave. Sara White’s cousin Kyle is in town. An old Native American grave has been disturbed and a cultural artifact stolen. Oscar demands the White Council represent him in his grievance against Miranda.

Flight of the Thunderbird (Part 2)

The thunderstorms were caused by a raging Thunderbird, angry that a gift he provided to an old friend was stolen (the grave robbery). The homeless man in Judges Cave is the Thunderbird in Human form. Kyle White is the grave robber and he sold the item to Strange Ways. Oscar is informed Miranda had nothing to do with the Thunderbird and he drops his accusation, but not his animosity.

The item is returned to the grave, Kyle is run out of town, and the Thunderbird provides a feather to both Sara White and Teddy for their aid to him.


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