Dresden Files New Haven

Goblin King Part 2
Sam's Notes

Casefile: Child’s Play (part 2 of 3)

Sam (Sheamus Alestair McClure)
Baxter left but a kid (well, ok College Junior, same age as Sam) named Jack Storm showed up. He’s a student reporter and real fast on the camera… but a bit light on exposure to the weird side. As the resident most weird Sam decided to try to spook him out of coming but he seems to be a keeper. Sam then got arrested for driving naked and Detective Jones has some explaining to do around the precinct of why a known pot-head has him on speed-dial.

Jack arranged for a limo, Janette was rocking a ballgown with combat boots, Officer Jones has a suit that covers his service pistol and Sam has a formal tux w/ kilt in family tartan. Group went to Ikea, got lost in the maze and in frustration Janette ‘insulted’ the host into providing a guide through the labyrinth. We got past the talking door by Janette fast-talking it into believing that ‘the bearer’ and his guests were invited (Go Oxford Comma!)

Sarah (missing older daughter who Janette knew) was on the throne next to Jareth the Goblin King. Janette managed to talk to her and she was just about stoned. Jack bought Janette some extra time by distracting the Goblin King. Det Jones has a rain-date for a future dinner (at her place?) with Allyson Wraith. Sam talked up and shared a joint with Jared the Goblin Prince who is pissed about the wedding… BECAUSE… Jareth has been pursuing a girl (any girl) named Sarah who will give him her brother (who was turned into a goblin) and once they marry (at dawn) Jareth will step down and Jared will have to be king and that’s the end of the playboy lifestyle for him.

So, chaos ensues. We accuse Dante Bates, red court vamp, of kidnapping children and trying to frame it on the Goblin King. Dante starts monologueing about how we were clueless and he was going to use the kids to start building an army to take out the White Council (which alerted the 3 Wizard apprentices in attendance) Jareth put the responsibility of dealing with the insult to the guest laws on his son Jared as a test of his ability to be a future king. Jared pretty much said ‘Screw you and you dumb rules!’ and stormed out. Janette pointed out that if the wedding went through Jareth would be giving the kingdom to someone not competent to handle it. She also pointed out that Sarah had ‘kidnapped’ her brother, not been asked to care for him so she had authority to give the king her brother as a wedding gift. He was NOT happy with us.

Jareth ended the engagement and the party which immediately meant that guest rights were terminated. We chased Dante into Ikea but he is ‘inhumanly fast’ and even as an ‘inhumanly fast’ deer Sam failed to navigate the labyrinth and catch up with him. Janette, Jack and Teddy bring the 2 kids out into the labyrinth, finds Sam demands another guide and the group head to the Limo…

…Then we called it for the night. Presumably Daniel could have left with the group. I think Orsina was decidedly pissed at the group as well for breaking up the party… but there were so many people pissed at us by that point I stopped keeping track. Greg Werther could have lost track of time doing research and be trying to catch up to us at Ikea with vitally important information. Presumably the next game includes a confrontation with Dante and maybe others (have the kids been turned yet? Can kids even be turned? Where is the bus? The same impound lot as my Subie?)

The Goblin King's Ball
GM Notes

Casefile: Child’s Play (part 2 of 3)

Thank you guys very much for what I felt was a truly epic game. You blew my mind last night with the decisions you made and how they shook out. I think it’s safe to say you literally ended up having the complete opposite of what I intended. Instead of Jareth as an ally, you pissed him off and he’s sulking. Instead of just a casual introduction to the three ex-apprentices, you have (at least one of) them backing you up for the final confrontation. Instead of just meeting Dante you guys cornered him and forced him to flee to survive.

Back to that first thing though: I never in a million years thought you guys would find a way to convince the Goblin King to give up his child bride. The Sara that he has spent so long desperately trying to keep was finally in his grasp, and in fact was the whole reason for the celebration. My head is still spinning from all the things you guys verbally threw at him to make him release her and her brother. With her released the party ended and the hospitality ended as well, which led to a short altercation as Dante fled and Sam tried to follow through the labyrinth.

Here’s the “who’s who” of the ball, as far as you guys were introduced to, and what you can know of them (as per the various "reveals) by the end of the party:

  • Orsina, promiscuous Fae. She’s very overprotective of Daniel and his performances, running interference when she can to remove or eliminate potential distractions. She was not happy the Ball ended early and Daniel’s performance was cut short.
  • Jareth, the Goblin King. It was pointed out to him that his enthralled bride-to-be Sara (who was the missing teen Janette knew) had no right to offer him the child which she “stole” from her family, thus everything after that (her trial through the Labrynth and loss of the contest resulting in her becoming his bride) was invalid. With remorse, regret, and resentment, he released her and her brother, then ended the Ball and told everyone to leave before skulking off.
  • Jared, the son of the Goblin King. At first the group accused him and his father of kidnapping all the missing children, which insulted him. Then it was considered that he and his father were being “framed,” which also insulted him but in a different way. He doesn’t agree with much about his father’s rules and way of life, and though he has respect for the accords once his father tried to put him in the limelight to uphold them, in front of everyone, he refused to play the part of obedient child, walking away from the assemblage and leaving the opening Dante needed to escape.
  • Dante Bates, a Red Court vampire who was tricked into clearly admitting he kidnapped the other three missing children in order to turn them into vampires. He proudly boasted that he intended to use these “child soldiers” to deliver a powerful blow to the White Council. He indicated he was responsible for two missing children in Bridgeport about a week earlier, too. Before things went south he intended to leave New Haven by the morning. After fleeing the party there’s no telling what he plans now.
  • April Showers & May Flowers, the Sidhe ladies representing the Summer Court.
  • Jack Frost, the Winter Court general representing the Winter Court.
  • Robert Renfield, the President of Yale.
  • Dr. Ansel Lumburg, a mysterious hooded figure always near/with Robert, who was revealed at the very end to clearly be a Black Court vampire.
  • Anya Romanakov, a White Council wizard who was one of three apprentices to Greyson Wardclyff, a Warden active in New Haven until about 10 years ago.
  • Rodrick Hogan, a White Council wizard who was one of three apprentices to Greyson Wardclyff, a Warden active in New Haven until about 10 years ago.
  • Samiel Nygen, a White Council wizard who was one of three apprentices to Greyson Wardclyff, a Warden active in New Haven until about 10 years ago.
  • Oscar, the bum who lives on the New Haven Green. He shared a nice dance with Janette.
  • Miranda, the manager of Toad’s Place.
  • Oswald Canterbury, the librarian from the Institute Library, also the ugliest man alive.
  • Allyson Raith, a White Court vampire who took a particular liking to Teddy. He resisted her repeated attempts to seduce him but when she invited him to her place he took a “rain check” on that.
  • NumNum, a faerie who really likes Pepe’s pizza.
  • Suggams, a faerie who really likes Modern’s pizza.
  • Peppino, a fareie who really likes Sally’s pizza.
  • Sanchez, a faerie who really likes Bar’s pizza.
  • James Hillhouse, a ghost who in life was responsible for planting the Elm trees in New Haven. His body is buried in Grove St cemetery.
  • Martha Townsend, a ghost who was the first person to be interred in Grove St cemetery.
  • Theophilus Eaton, a ghost who in life was the first mayor of New Haven. His body is buried in Grove St cemetery.
Mysteries in May
GM Notes

Child’s Play (Part 1 of 3)

Pre-game tagline: It’s now May, and the city of New Haven has mostly recovered from the torrential rains and supernatural thunderstorms which ended as suddenly as they began two months ago. Since then Spring has gone into full bloom and everything has been relatively peaceful. You’ve settled back into the familiar groove of day-to-day events. You probably have no reason to suspect this day would be any different than any other day has been these last two months…

  • Characters: Greg, Baxter, Janette, Sam, and Ted
  • Detective Claxton hasn’t been around at the precinct lately, and the night before he showed up to drop some info on Greg then left, saying he needed to “move on”. The apartment at that address provoked more questions than answers.
  • At least five children are missing: Sara and John Roberts, Jimmy Turner, Kaylee Smith, and Andrew Johnson. There are Amber alerts for only the last three.
    • Sara and John went missing, and Sam could smell the lingering presence of creatures of the Never-Never.
    • Jimmy Turner’s disappearance site held the smell of different creatures – not human, but not fey. The same or similar smell was around the one dead body which Sam sniffed out.
    • Nothing is known about Kaylee or Andrew.
  • At least four dead bodies have turned up, all with their throats ripped out and their bodies nearly bloodless. This was indicative of a Red Court presence.
  • Jareth, the Goblin King, is holding a ball/gala in a few hours which Daniel will be performing at, and many notable presences in New Haven have been invited to attend. He wishes to show off his new bride-to-be.
  • Orsina kept fielding the group’s calls to Daniel. She was cryptic but was also eager to make deals with those she talked with who indicated they wanted something.
  • Who is Dante Bates, and why does he have such a suspicious school bus registered to him?
After the Storm
An ending...

Jeanette wrapped her arms around the shoulder of her upset friend, Mary. The news that her good for nothing, borderline abusive, ex-boyfriend Jake had left town without so much as a “Goodbye” had not gone over well. “That asshole!” Mary uttered contemptuously. “I mean, I guess I shouldn’t expect anything from him, it isn’t like he was ever that thoughtful except when it came to himself, but still!”

“Perhaps it is for the best, you know?” Jeanette tried to offer. She had neglected to tell Mary that part of the reason Jake had been so keen to skip town is that Jeanette had informed him that if he did not do so, that not only would he be brought up on charges of grave-robbing, trafficking antiquities, and other assorted legal actions, but that there was also a very good chance that she’d arrange to have a few guys give him a solid beating just on the general principle of the matter. Mary didn’t need to really know that part. She casually rubbed a hand across Mary’s back. “He really was trouble, and it is only a matter of time before he either got that trouble brought down on himself, or worse yet, both of you.”

“That’s it!” Mary said suddenly, bolting upright. “It must have been something with one of his deals or his schemes. He must have needed to beat town in a hurry, and that is why he didn’t bother to look me up or give me a call. He really was just trying to keep me safe! He does care!”

Janette waved her arms fruitlessly as her friend gushed, trying to interject. “That isn’t really what I meant Mary. I meant that he is no good for you. You said it your…”

Janette was cut off as Mary wrapped her arms around the smaller woman in a bear hug, almost squeezing the breath from her body. Nothing could deflate her delusional enthusiasm as she let out a laugh. “No Jeanette, you are right, if I had gotten involved I could have gotten hurt and Jake knew that! He does care about me, and I just have to wait patiently. I’m sure I’ll hear from him once things have cooled off a bit and that he’ll make it up to me next time he’s in town. God, here I was about to write him off, but, you are right, he’s just a big protective teddy bear at heart! Thank you Jeanette!”

Before Janette could get a word off in reply the other woman spun away and practically danced out of the room, leaving Janette sitting alone on the cot. Staring at the empty doorway in amazement Janette let out a long sigh. She smirked as she cocked her head slightly to the side. “You know. Some people don’t really want to take good advice no matter how much you want them to just be safe and happy.” A smirk crept across her lips, “Yes, yes… I know you have it much worse, but unlike you I don’t get the long view of knowing how it all turns out.”

Lifting up her legs spinning on her butt to lay out on the couch with a plop Jeanette stared up at cracked and faded ceiling, fingers steepled behind her neck as her head rested on the threadbare pillowcase covering a well flattened pillow. “Yeah, I know, price of free will and all that… wait.. are you saying you DON’T have free will?” Her eyes narrow in an annoyed look, “Are you changing the subject on me? Really? Oh my god… is that a reference from ‘A Few Good Men’? Do you realize how old that movie is?” Barely containing a chuckle she rolls her eyes to no one. “Yes, 14 years isn’t that long to YOU, but in movie terms that’s ancient history, you really need to get some updated references.” The unspoken and unheard response causes Janette’s face to crack into a smile as radiant as the dawn after a long stormy night and her laughter echoes down into the hallway like the peel of distant church bells fading off into the starry and cloudless night.

Flight of the Thunderbird (Part 2)

The thunderstorms were caused by a raging Thunderbird, angry that a gift he provided to an old friend was stolen (the grave robbery). The homeless man in Judges Cave is the Thunderbird in Human form. Kyle White is the grave robber and he sold the item to Strange Ways. Oscar is informed Miranda had nothing to do with the Thunderbird and he drops his accusation, but not his animosity.

The item is returned to the grave, Kyle is run out of town, and the Thunderbird provides a feather to both Sara White and Teddy for their aid to him.

Flight of the Thunderbird (Part 1)

Thunderstorms ravage New Haven night after night. There is a homeless man residing up at Judge’s Cave. Sara White’s cousin Kyle is in town. An old Native American grave has been disturbed and a cultural artifact stolen. Oscar demands the White Council represent him in his grievance against Miranda.

The first adventure of Baxter
The first adventure of Baxter

Guest starring: Dr. Daniel Blossom, DSM and Chico

Baxter deals with Leprechauns at the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Guest Star #1:

Guest Star #2: I love a parade. Just enough distraction to keep minds occupied. I’ll be home tonight with my pockets stuffed.

Stray Cat Strut
The first adventure of Sam McClure

Guest starring: Chico and Detective Teddy Jones

What could be simpler for an unemployed shape changing druid than tracking down a missing house cat? Not so simple when magic and faeries get involved.

Guest Star #1: While on the way a cat crosses my path. In the distance I hear “Here, kitty kitty…”

Guest Star #2: Detective Teddy Jones was fairly certain he just saw a man strip naked in the park. Not normally his type of crime, but he can’t let it go unaddressed. He can’t be sure, but the man passed behind a tree and a wolf emerged. Are wolves even native to New Haven?

Why did it have to be vampires?
The first adventure of Greg Wherther

Guest starring: Janette Romae and "Sam" Shaemus Alestar McClure

While following info about his grandfather, Greg sees a customer from Mike’s Caffine Addiction getting mugged. Greg follows the thug to find out the thug is not human, but a Red Court Vampire.

Guest Star #1: When Greg is stuck choosing between running and taking a stand Janette provides reassurance. She convinces him that there are no coincidences and that God has a plan for him. It gives him the resolve to take a stand against the darkness.

Guest Star #2: Knowing how to fight alone is good but fighting with someone you trust at your back is better. It may not be the friend you expect but sharp teeth and large caliber rounds make for good partners.

Lost Girls
The first adventure of Janette Romae

Guest starring: Baxter and Scott Walker

While staying at a shelter, Janette befriended Alycia, a runaway who occasionally fell into prostitution. When Alycia went missing, Janette went looking for her. She had fallen in with a group of girls led by a White Court Vampire.

Guest Star #1:

Guest Star #2: Rumors of a missing girl drew Scott to investigate if the Fae were involved. Though they weren’t, he offered to help anyway. With advice from Baxter he brought Janet through the Never Never in order to sneak into the White Court Vampire lair.


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