James Claxton

Detective Claxton


James “Jim” Claxton

A cop or detective by day that is a focused practitioner by night. On some kind of personal holy war for something that happened in his youth that made him angry morally. Nothing crazy like his parents killed or killed his pet, but something fundamental in the moral sense.

-Where did he grow up?
Monroe, Connecticut
-What family did he have around him growing up?
Both his parents were around, but his father often worked a lot.

-What was his relationship like with each member of his family?
James had a good relationship with both his parents, but was closer to his mother since his father worked a lot. James talent began to surface in his early teen years and his mother guided him as she could since the father knew nothing of it.

-Was there anything especially memorable from his childhood or teen years that he remembers/keeps with him as an adult?
A compass from spending time in the woods wandering.

-What is so special about it?
It was one of the first tools his mother gave James when teaching him how to track. Whenever James feels lost in life he will pull the compass out and read it to find center.

-What happened in his past that changed his outlook on life?
As all teenagers, James went through a transitions with their outlook on life and what they are looking for in life. One item that James started getting obsessed with as a teen was trying to figure out the truth in all iterations whether out right lies or polite untruths.

-What did he do about it?
Luckily he outgrew the out right discerning between the differences and began down his personal vendetta against evil lies.

-Why did he do it that way?
It was part of him growing up to be an adult and realizing the truth is sometimes more damaging.

-Is there anything from this period in his life that he has told himself he will never forget? OR… Is there any promises he made to himself or others that he strives to keep? OR… Is there any item or memorabilia that he keeps with him which serves as a reminder of this time?
He keeps his compass with him.

-Is there anything else you want to add to this?
Sometimes James gets confused when dealing with a “honest” evil person. Their was a “honest” drug dealer James hunted down who played cat & mouse. The cat & mouse game went on longer than it should due to the thug being completely honest causing Jim to second guess.

-So now he’s a cop with magic powers. How does he reconcile these two worlds? Or does he keep them separate?
James keeps both worlds separate even though he is contracted out of his town station for “paranormal” investigations with the State of Connecticut. James just makes a point that he gets lucky and has a way of figuring out these puzzles then tries to cover it up with logical explanations. This was a big step for James growing up too.

-As a cop, where is he based out of?
Raised & bred in Monroe, Connecticut.

-Does his job ever send him elsewhere in the state?
Yes, he is contracted to other departments within the State other than his home town.

-How would it affect his professional carreer if his “hobby” became known?
He would probably be forced to quit the Monroe PD. This does not bother him since he would probably go into another line of work and may go for hire in the in-between jobs stage.

-Do any of his co-workers know about his magic abilities or what he does in his off time?

-Does he have a partner? How close is he to his partner?
Being a detective does have the advantage of no partner.

Portrayed by: Bruce Willis


James Claxton

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