Baxter Felis

A wizard cursed to be a cat



High Concept: “Wizard trapped in a cat’s body”
Trouble: “The Cat’s Meow” – Overly confident in himself and his abilities
Background: “The Only Thing I Have Left of Her” – Ribbon from his lost love
Rising Conflict:
The Story:


Once a handsome, strapping, and promising young wizard, Baxter Felis fell in love with the wrong girl. You see, Faerie princess don’t take kindly to courting their betrothed. So for that last 95 years, Baxter has been cursed to roam New Haven as a feline. With 5 years left on his sentence, he’s been brushing up on his magic knowledge. Can he serve the rest of his time quietly, or will he find himself in trouble all over again?


Baxter Felis

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