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Wherther Tales (Child's Play Part 3)

Outta Gas

It was close to 3am when I walked up to Ikea. The building had an eerie aura about it even though there we signs of people working inside readying for the next day. Even though the Never Never was in another plane it still made the area stink with ugliness.

I was tired from researching through the night regarding the Goblin King and the absorption of information made him feel even more tired. I did a quick check to make sure my watch, coffee cup and lattle were on me before getting closer. No idea what I may find walking into to.

I walked up to the front of the store to be surprised and happy to meet Janette, Daniel, and Teddy walking out to greet him with some other person named Jack Storm and Anya Romanakov. Unfortunately it appeared Sam had gotten into some trouble with the law without Teddy there to bail him out.

Our rag tag group of hero’s had stopped the Goblin King before I even arrived! I breathed a sigh of relief until they brought out my worst fears. We were correct that some vampires are involved and he had the children. Teddy’s partner had gone to the location of the bus which unfortunately was owned by the vampire…… Dante Bates…..

This gentleman, Jack Storm, evidently comes from some money because a limo pulled up to take us to the Bus. Jack also appeared concerned since he noted I would not look him in the eyes when we shook hands. I sat as far back in the limo as I could hoping to render this beautiful machine into an unmoving piece of metal. Anya, she’s a wizard and understood perfectly and sat next to me. Too much dang electronics in the world.

That is when the Detective Teddy’s incoming call from his partners phone ID. He gave me a look when in began crackling while he listened. It was Dante Bates calling from his partner’s phone! I was having trouble controlling myself. The static got worse and Teddy stepped out of the Limo since we were parked. Teddy’s partner was being tortured from what was told and Dante had the children.

At this point Daniel and Jack had the idea of getting water guns and go to the a certain church for holy water. Daniel had a key to the church…….We went to Jack’s dorm to grab water guns and water balloons then off to the church for holy water. The Limo Driver was none too happy with us.

Having gotten “supplies”, we went to the location of the bus sitting outside a home in eastern New Haven. The house was dark and dawn was upon us. Jannette and I took to inspecting the bus while Teddy and Jack went to the front door of the house simultaneously Anya and Daniel went to the back of the house.

As Jannette and I approached the bus we both saw movement of some kind inside the bus. Jannette motioned to me she was going to the back of the bus while I went to the front entrance. I was greeted by a mischievous kid that I told his parents were worried about him and although this may be fun it was time to go home. I also asked if we could play a game. He told me matter in factly that he wants to play forever and doesn’t want to go home so no.

Does anyone else hear that alarm? I did. That forever part rung a bell for me. Why does it always have to be vampires?

I brought the squirt gun up on him quickly and let it loose. That little runt moved so fast and laughed the whole time. At this point in time I am beginning to worry about Jannette and what she is going to find at the back of the bus. The runt moved so fast I couldn’t see him in the dark bus and thought I heard something on the roof. Never heard him sneak up behind me until he said “Gotcha!” grabbed my arm and bit me.

Have you even been bitten by a vampire and got to enjoy the venom? Trust me when i see you should not take the opportunity up if it ever presents itself.

He had such a grip on my right arm that for all intents and purposed I couldn’t more. I reached for my lattle and with a quick “bAH” the inside of the bus was on fire and the puppy vampire let me go. He didn’t like me anymore and even mentioned it as he charged me again. This time as if reflex I used my watch charm as a shield which brought the mini-vampire off his feet cursing and spitting at me. I exited the bus while I held the mini-vamp there.

I let the little monster loose hoping he would find his peace within the bus, but he charged me again outside. I pointed my lattle at him again and let loose another “bAH!” turning the miniature monster into a candle. As his fake persona melted away revealing the vampire within I brought the squirt gun up on him that made his final demise. It continued to melt until it was just a puddle. I did not wait to watch it melt but rushed to the back of the bus to find Jannette trying to fight a quick moving girl.

Jannette and I worked as a team to set this vampire on fire while she ended its miserable existence with the squirt gun.

We turned to the house as the daylight began to break.

Inside the house we found the rest of the team. They had not found Teddy’s partner nor the missing children, but the vampires had exited to the basement with the incoming daylight. Teddy and others had already taken the make shift curtains down.

We went down the stairs to a horrible sight. Teddy’s partner being bled out to tempt the children into drinking it while already changed children watched. Dante laughed at us manically.

Anya let loose with an air attack on Dante trying to hold him in position, but he was strong. I went for the windows fumbling through the venom in my blood trying to get the curtains removed. Dante saw what i was trying to do and went to attack me. I was feeling weak, tired, and not much left in the tank when I tried to burn his smug face off. He moved faster than my eye could follow. The next thing I knew I was flying across the room into the wall and Dante was coming in fast. I don’t know how, but somehow I knew I had to move my face. Dante’s fist made the concrete wall explode into dust where my head had just been.

Jannette and Daniel broke water pipes free and mixed the holy water in from the water balloons to contaminate the blood on the floor. In turn the children were not tempted any longer.

Between the bite and taking a beating, I don’t remember much more. I just wanted to burn that smug face off Dante……..


This is a great retelling of events from His point of view!


Ikea is always an eerie place!
Seems the Goblin King moves from world to world a lot- he just made an appearance in Rebuilt.

Tokobauzsos Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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