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Mysteries in May

GM Notes

Child’s Play (Part 1 of 3)

Pre-game tagline: It’s now May, and the city of New Haven has mostly recovered from the torrential rains and supernatural thunderstorms which ended as suddenly as they began two months ago. Since then Spring has gone into full bloom and everything has been relatively peaceful. You’ve settled back into the familiar groove of day-to-day events. You probably have no reason to suspect this day would be any different than any other day has been these last two months…

  • Characters: Greg, Baxter, Janette, Sam, and Ted
  • Detective Claxton hasn’t been around at the precinct lately, and the night before he showed up to drop some info on Greg then left, saying he needed to “move on”. The apartment at that address provoked more questions than answers.
  • At least five children are missing: Sara and John Roberts, Jimmy Turner, Kaylee Smith, and Andrew Johnson. There are Amber alerts for only the last three.
    • Sara and John went missing, and Sam could smell the lingering presence of creatures of the Never-Never.
    • Jimmy Turner’s disappearance site held the smell of different creatures – not human, but not fey. The same or similar smell was around the one dead body which Sam sniffed out.
    • Nothing is known about Kaylee or Andrew.
  • At least four dead bodies have turned up, all with their throats ripped out and their bodies nearly bloodless. This was indicative of a Red Court presence.
  • Jareth, the Goblin King, is holding a ball/gala in a few hours which Daniel will be performing at, and many notable presences in New Haven have been invited to attend. He wishes to show off his new bride-to-be.
  • Orsina kept fielding the group’s calls to Daniel. She was cryptic but was also eager to make deals with those she talked with who indicated they wanted something.
  • Who is Dante Bates, and why does he have such a suspicious school bus registered to him?


I’m not entirely satisfied putting my GM recap/notes up on the site raw like this, but in lieu of a better solution (i.e., an actual log) it will suffice.

Mysteries in May
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