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Good Bye, Mr. Claxton. Part 1

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From Greg Whether’s mind.

I’ve always been interested in these new Ford Taurus, but too afraid of getting too close with all the electronics in them. This one looks like it has been run over by a bear with the hood smashed in and the light bar hanging off the roof down to the trunk. Seeing this new car from the back seat of the cruiser was not how I wanted this experience. And just to make matters worse, I opened up my third eye on the two officers in the front seat. BAD IDEA……..at least I am not in cuffs….yet.

But let me back up a couple days. My friend and mentor, Jim Claxton, is dead. Jim visited me about two months ago to tell me he had to depart and wouldn’t tell me much more. Asked that I look after Teddy and told me an address that would give me some answers I was looking for. They found his body in a shallow pond and say he died about a year ago. Who the *( have I been talking to this past year?? And they are saying it was suicide?? WTF!

Detective Teddy came to visit me that afternoon as I was closing up at work. Like myself, he has a lot of questions. He explained that no one else had seen Jim in the past year at the precinct except himself.

All this made me question whether we had been mentally altered or was everyone else? I did what I don’t like to do, too many bad things can happen and I may not escape, I opened my third eye to look at Teddy. He looked like a Detective fighting against the waves and looking about to drown, but nothing had altered him. Thank goodness. And here is why I don’t like opening the third eye, before I could close it some boy with a hairy monster almost tagging along or chasing him came into view. It was disturbing and quite abrupt. I started loosing myself and control. Too much all at once. I regained myself and was able to reel myself in while closing the eye with Sam and Teddy asking me if I was okay. Sam had walked into my sight. He was not mentally harmed either.

Teddy, Sam, and I went to the morgue to do some more investigation regarding Detective Claxton. Detective Teddy was able to charm his way in and Sam decided to stealthily turn into a cat to find his way. After we looked at the body, Sam tried his way onto the computer to find the reports and hit the print button, twice.

Side note. Sam has the hots for Miranda. He has been on 3 dates already with her and it appears to be going slow, like pumping him for information without the actual pumping part if you know what I mean. I told him to be careful and try to figure out why she is so interested in Detective Claxton.

I had Sam and Teddy stay behind me while I opened the third eye again on the corpse. I really don’t like doing this especially more than once a year let along in a day. Anyhoo, the corpse was definitely dead and whoever it is or actually was a Wizard.

The next day after work I went on my own to talk with Captain Bill Westman about Claxton at the police station. He was a welcoming man and spoke briefly about the late Detective Claxton. I needed to know. Questions need answers and was everyone else changed to think Claxton was gone. I opened my third eye again and although he had not bee mentally attacked, the black tendrils eradiating from him and trying to consume me was terrifying. This man was not the nice man he was pretending to be and definitely was in the connecting of the supernatural. It made me sick, literally. He had the EMT and couple others come out to check me out.

For some reason I feel I need to save the Captain from this sickness.

I had my answer. Detective James Claxton has been dead for the past year and I do not know why this “Ghost” picked Teddy and I for his contacts to this world.

On my way out of the police station I ran intoJanette and Jack. I don’t know what it is about this Jack Storm, but I always think of that Jack Frost when I see his name. And now every time I read Rainbow Magic series books to my niece it is in Jack’s voice for Jack Frost. Downright eerie. We went to Detective Teddy’s office to find him and sat down to chat.

Janette has a strong aversion to me using cell phones and telling me to be nice. Jack Storm didn’t seem to mind me using his phone. Jack is a writer and currently writes blogs online from what I understand. He thought our conversation should be blogged about hence why I wanted to borrow his phone. Janette had other ways of convincing him.

I can’t wait for this electronic do-hicky phase to pass. It is nothing, but a fad.

There was a lot of dust on Jim’s desk. Nobody had been there in a long time. Janette and Teddy found an interesting piece of paper with both our names on it and quite a few others. Janette and Jack had visited Jim’s apartment and met with the landlord. The landlord had put Jim’s stuff into storage rental and called Jack while we were talking that an auction was set for Saturday in East Haven.

I invited everyone down to the coffee shop for a coffee on me. When we got there we found Sam making his way over covered in mud from the pond where Claxton met his demise. We agreed that everything points that Detective Claxton was murdered and thrown in the pond with weights on him. It was pretty obvious and why the morgue report did not reflect that and said suicide was not clear.

Maybe it wasn’t my best idea to go to the Storage Unit this late. I thought they would still be open and I was rather frustrated they were not. In my frustration I let a bit flow which was the demise of the entry box’s electronics. Sam made like a bat for the office and slipped through the mail box slot and tried hacking his way in the computer after nibbling on the camera cords as a rat.

Jack Storm did not like this situation and kept on the street corner as a look out. Somehow I couldn’t tell anything, but he saw two shapes appear in the front office with Sam. That is when Sam decided a bear in the office would be less conspicuous?

I ran up to the office to bang my spoon on the wall as the bear tore at one of the guys. The other fellow turned around and there was no mistaken a vampire hollow stare back at me. He was less than impressed. I needed to help Sam so I let loose on the front door to give him an easy exit.

Sam was having none of it. He had a hold of the arm of that rotting meat stick and jammed it through the burning door frame. The vamp was now injured and on fire. The vampire turned to mist to escape and I thought I had the one in the office trapped for questioning. I seem to be wrong a lot lately.

The second vampire turned to mist and disappeared too. And we could hear sirens coming in the distance. I turned to Sam and told him to escape in bear form and I made my way back to the gate.

As Sam ran down the road as a Kodiak Bear, he decided to charge the police car skidding to a stop and ran right over it. Janette disappeared as the cops were questioning me and Jack was already long gone. These two cops didn’t seem to be too happy with me. I didn’t run their car over so don’t know why they were so crap bent on bringing me in for questioning.

Last weekend Mom stopped by the coffee shop for a short visit. She was awesome as always and even started poking fun at the cash register (lack of) and no wifi. As she left she said, “So much like your grandfather…” She smiled, but I couldn’t tell if she was proud or sad.

Mom wasn’t going to be happy with me, but it appeared time to use the family’s lawyers. That was until I opened my third eye on the officers………… I started watching the area and looking for activity on the street. Time to make this electronic fad to my benefit.


What are you talking about? A bear in the office is totally inconspicuous!

Good Bye, Mr. Claxton. Part 1
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