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Goblin King Part 2

Sam's Notes

Casefile: Child’s Play (part 2 of 3)

Sam (Sheamus Alestair McClure)
Baxter left but a kid (well, ok College Junior, same age as Sam) named Jack Storm showed up. He’s a student reporter and real fast on the camera… but a bit light on exposure to the weird side. As the resident most weird Sam decided to try to spook him out of coming but he seems to be a keeper. Sam then got arrested for driving naked and Detective Jones has some explaining to do around the precinct of why a known pot-head has him on speed-dial.

Jack arranged for a limo, Janette was rocking a ballgown with combat boots, Officer Jones has a suit that covers his service pistol and Sam has a formal tux w/ kilt in family tartan. Group went to Ikea, got lost in the maze and in frustration Janette ‘insulted’ the host into providing a guide through the labyrinth. We got past the talking door by Janette fast-talking it into believing that ‘the bearer’ and his guests were invited (Go Oxford Comma!)

Sarah (missing older daughter who Janette knew) was on the throne next to Jareth the Goblin King. Janette managed to talk to her and she was just about stoned. Jack bought Janette some extra time by distracting the Goblin King. Det Jones has a rain-date for a future dinner (at her place?) with Allyson Wraith. Sam talked up and shared a joint with Jared the Goblin Prince who is pissed about the wedding… BECAUSE… Jareth has been pursuing a girl (any girl) named Sarah who will give him her brother (who was turned into a goblin) and once they marry (at dawn) Jareth will step down and Jared will have to be king and that’s the end of the playboy lifestyle for him.

So, chaos ensues. We accuse Dante Bates, red court vamp, of kidnapping children and trying to frame it on the Goblin King. Dante starts monologueing about how we were clueless and he was going to use the kids to start building an army to take out the White Council (which alerted the 3 Wizard apprentices in attendance) Jareth put the responsibility of dealing with the insult to the guest laws on his son Jared as a test of his ability to be a future king. Jared pretty much said ‘Screw you and you dumb rules!’ and stormed out. Janette pointed out that if the wedding went through Jareth would be giving the kingdom to someone not competent to handle it. She also pointed out that Sarah had ‘kidnapped’ her brother, not been asked to care for him so she had authority to give the king her brother as a wedding gift. He was NOT happy with us.

Jareth ended the engagement and the party which immediately meant that guest rights were terminated. We chased Dante into Ikea but he is ‘inhumanly fast’ and even as an ‘inhumanly fast’ deer Sam failed to navigate the labyrinth and catch up with him. Janette, Jack and Teddy bring the 2 kids out into the labyrinth, finds Sam demands another guide and the group head to the Limo…

…Then we called it for the night. Presumably Daniel could have left with the group. I think Orsina was decidedly pissed at the group as well for breaking up the party… but there were so many people pissed at us by that point I stopped keeping track. Greg Werther could have lost track of time doing research and be trying to catch up to us at Ikea with vitally important information. Presumably the next game includes a confrontation with Dante and maybe others (have the kids been turned yet? Can kids even be turned? Where is the bus? The same impound lot as my Subie?)


This was a pretty good summary! Thank’s Mike for pulling it from the e-mails and getting it put up here.

Goblin King Part 2
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