Dresden Files New Haven

Children of the Night

GM Notes

Casefile: Child’s Play (part 3 of 3)

Jack, Sam, Janette, Teddy, Sara Roberts, her brother John Roberts, and Anya Romanakov all exited the Ikea Labyrinth together. Greg met you at the entrance, having lost track of time while doing research and only just then showing up. Daniel and Orsina exited shortly thereafter. She was still very upset over the party’s cancellation and left Daniel to “play with his friends.” They were quickly filled in about Dante Bates and his cadre of Red Court children.

We hand-waved Sam being arrested again and taken away to justify his absence. Teddy didn’t stop it but could have easily cleared it up the next game, so it’s ultimately a non-entity.

Everyone got into the limo that Jack arranged to have and made two stops on the way to the house where Teddy figured Dante would be. (I forget if Sara and John were dropped-off somewhere as a third stop or kept comfortable in the limo) Together you all went to Jack’s college dorms and loaded up on super soaker water guns, then went to Daniel’s church where you tapped into their font of holy water. Sufficiently loaded up, you all made your way to the abandoned house as dawn slowly approached, knowing that Dante intended to leave before dawn. The bus was still there, as was the police car for Teddy’s new partner, Brandon Sagat. The officer was nowhere in sight.

Upon arrival everyone split into three groups: Greg and Janette checked out the bus parked on the street, Jack and Teddy went to the front door, and Daniel and Anya snuck around the back. Greg and Janette both encountered two vampire children who played games with them around the bus until the bus got lit on fire and the two were melted into sludge with a judicious application of holy water.

Teddy and Jack had their own vampire kid troubles once they entered the house. Daniel asked if Anya could use magic on him to make him stronger, and she did a quick ritual to enhance his speed and strength. Like the Kool-Aid man Daniel then bust through the wall and helped Teddy and Jack liquify their vampire opponents. Janette and Greg came into the house as well and they all were called down to the basement by the familiar voice of Dante. Some taunts and verbal jabs were tossed about and Daniel began singing in his enhanced, powerful voice in order to throw them off below.

Anya led the way and everyone else followed. At the bottom of the stairs they witnessed Brandon tied up and suspended upside-down from the ceiling. He was cut in several places and bleeding out into a puddle on the floor. Around him, chained to the floor, were the three missing children: Jimmy Turner, Kaylee Smith, and Andy Johnson. A few other child vampires were goading them into drinking the blood, which they were obviously craving and inching towards, struggling against their bonds to reach. Dante stood away from them a bit and welcomed everyone – then a fierce melee broke out.

Greg and Anya both used magic on the scene. Everyone else readied their holy water super soakers and began trying to fight the vampires. Dante proved to be a lot tougher than the kids. Jack’s quick thinking caused a spray of water-turned-holy to shower all the kids, which helped the three infected resist the urge for blood and snapped them back to their senses. The child vampires didn’t last long. Dante’s overconfidence put him in a precarious position and caused his face to be burnt and half-melted by a stream of holy water.

Seeing the situation had gone wildly out of control, and that his plan was completely shattered, Dante did the sensible thing and ran like a little bitch. Brandon was cut down and his wounds addressed – he should make it, though recovery will take a little while. You rescued the three children but were faced with a problem that we now need to address: These three kids are Red Court Infected. The police and fire department are on their way (due to the bus having been set on fire by magical flamed and becoming completely engulfed).

Janette took the three kids somewhere private and safe for the time being. Teddy dealt with the cops once they arrived. Some Lore rolls resulted in the Order of St. Giles being contacted, and the infected kids were turned over them. The Fellowship contact, a tattooed man named Matt Harper, took them with him. It’s unknown what Sam said to Jimmy’s parents, or if he even said anything at all.


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